PKs Custom Cakes
Lace "Lillie" Wedding Cake
All PKs Custom Cakes are:

* CUSTOM and SPECIALTY cakes, individually designed
and created using handmade flowers, lace and more.

*Homemade from scratch in a home kitchen under 
​Cottage Industry and City Business Licensing.

*ORGANIC, NO hormones/antibiotics in products used.


*Moist and flavorful with that "homemade" taste!


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Customers Say:
"PKs has done several cakes for me and my family. They all have been decorated so well and fit each personality to a tee!  They taste excellent too!  Definately recommend these cakes for any occasion."
Sharon Says "I have ordered several of PKs gluten-free cakes, they are the best I have had!  I have tried others but they don't even come close to these!  My favorite is the chocolate but the lemon and white are amazing as well.  I will place more orders for these amazing cakes!"
"Pam's cakes are amazing!  She really is an artist.  Each homemade from scratch cake is beyond delicious and creatively decorated with any idea you can come up with.  Pam can make a whimsical guitar cake or a magically beautiful wedding cake.  But the best part is they taste even better than they look!  I would highly recommend you give PKs a call for cake or cupcakes for any special occasion.  Her sugared flowers look so real it's unbelievable!"

​​Other reviews available on/Yelp and Googlemaps...

​Other Event Cakes....
 PKs Specialty Sugar Flowers              

​Cake Flavors/Fillings  include but not limited to...

German Chocolate Cake                                    Coconut/Pecan Filling
Chocolate Cake                                                   Raspberry Filling
White Butter Cake                                              Lemon Curd
Lemon Cake                                                        Chocolate Ganache
Confetti Cake                                                      Pudding type filling
​Carrot Cake                                                         Pineapple filling
Strawberry Cake.                                                Chocolate buttercream
Vanilla cake                                                         Strawberry filling
​Brownie Cake (special own recipie)                                           
Marble Cake     
Green Tea Cake (Asian inspired)

*SUGAR-FREE Vanilla/Chocolate
*Vegan: Chocolate/Vanilla
*Gluten Free: Many flavors



​Chocolate Ganache
White Chocolate Ganache Buttercream (PKs own creation)
Chocolate Buttercream

Fondant:  Homemade Marshmellow Fondant
​​​​Cake Pricing:  Examples, ​(includes moderate decorations)

5" double layer, filled, decorated, serves  6-8                            $55
6" double layer, filled, decorated, serves 12.                             $85 
7" double layer, filled, decorated, serves 15.                             $105
8" double layer, filled, decorated, serves 20.                             $140

**Final pricing dependent upon your design/decoration needs.

Wedding Cakes:
Begin at $7.00 per serving, call for exact pricing dependent on your design/decoration needs.

Wedding Appts/Tasting sessions with two cake flavors/fillings included are available by appointment.  There is no charge for these appointments and last about 45 minutes.

          ​ PKs "Tiny" but Mighty Cake...

Serving Size feeds 6-8 guests

Budget minded ......

2 Layer cake with 3 layers of filling like the big cakes...

Still can have that WOW factor for any occassion....
Price:  $55 
(Plus moderate charge for a flower, or other gumpaste
decoration.  Example...this cake to the right would cost 

​Perfect for a small gathering

​PKs Custom Cakes
​Arroyo Grande, California
"It's Always a Great Day to Eat Cake!​"